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Have I Really Cancelled Amazon Prime

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Have I Really Cancelled Amazon Prime

I placed an order on Amazon last night and in negotiating their constantly changing payment process I inadvertently signed up for Amazon Prime.

I already have Netflix so don't need Amazon Prime and therefore proceeded to cancel it.

After dealing with the first two pages of accepting my cancellation I then had to navigate carefully through another 5 or 6 pages offering me the opportunity to revoke my cancellation and detailing what I would miss out on if I continued to cancel.

I believe I have actually cancelled but I wont feel sure until I've checked my bank in a month's time.

The cancellation procedure used to be a couple of pages if I recall correctly. Now it's crazy.

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Re: Have I Really Cancelled Amazon Prime

@Strat, If you log into your Amazon account and you see this:

Amazon Prime

in the top left of the screen then, no, you haven't cancelled. However if it says try prime then you're not a prime customer.



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Re: Have I Really Cancelled Amazon Prime

Yes, Prime seems to be the worse for cancelling. It gets even worse though, as every time you go shopping, there is the big heave oh - You can get free delivery, try Prime, etc. One reason my use of Amazon has declined over the past year. I've found many places that do free delivery when Amazon want you to spend at least £20. And quite frequently it is cheaper than Amazon's offering. Amazons loss. Shop around.

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Re: Have I Really Cancelled Amazon Prime

I cancelled my prime because I noticed that goods could be bought cheaper - yes you need to pay the P&P but for me Prime would cost more in per month than paying the P&P. I also got fed up with being told delivery would be 'tomorrow' when it fact it was be the day after, something they have been told to stop advertising.