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Has anybody here used an Amazon Echo

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Re: Has anybody here used an Amazon Echo

This has all been very interesting, populated by enthusiasts of the Alexa.

But, since the reason the device was purchased has gone away (my wife passed away, and with her the need to set up a communications) I find I have no reason at all to keep it. It has just become yet another piece of hi-tech junk.

But have you ever tried to rid yourself of the Amazon account and/or delete the device from your Amazon account, just getting rid of the stream of unwanted “what you can do with Alexa” emails filling my inbox would be a start. There is it seems a means of doing this, but nobody has told Alexa. I know what I would want Alexa to do, but it’s probably not printable here.
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Re: Has anybody here used an Amazon Echo

Hi @petlew, really sorry to hear about your wife :cry:

As regards the account and recycling your device I did this a few weeks ago with an Echo Dot. The first thing I did was to login to my Amazon account and went to "Manage your content and devices" from the Account and List menu option. I then selected 'Devices" at the top of the screen.

I then clicked the ... button on the left of the device I was recycling and selected the "Deregister" option in from the window that popped up. I then confirmed the deregistration on the next window.

After that I opened the Alexa App and selected the same device and did a Factory Reset on it, and that's it. I then gave it to my gardener, aka 'The Lawn Mower Man' as I refer to him as that's all he does.

Hope this helps.