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Halfords and tools

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Re: Halfords and tools

Quote from: Sprite
Is it me.. or is the quality of stuff going downhill these days?

As manufacturers are under increasing pressure to keep prices down while raw materials and energy prices soar more and more are moving production to places such as China to save on labour costs, also many Chinese 'manufacturers' are blatantly copying western goods, often selling cheap imitations as recognised brands through less reputable outlets.
I've had some Draper 'Value' tools that were absolute rubbish but I also have some very good Halfords tools (admittedly my torque wrenches are several years old so won't reflect any drop in quality recently), their 'Professional' spanners and socket sets are still good quality and value.  For individual items it's often worth finding a local independent tool specialist if you can.
I have also recently purchased a number of power tools from Aldi and Lidl but you can only get what's currently on offer in those stores, quality seems very good for the price.
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