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HP laptop Recall

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HP laptop Recall

Oh dear some HP laptop batteries may catch fire Roll_eyes

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Re: HP laptop Recall

Oh dear...I wonder if HP are/were trying to cut corners and bought a few 'dodgy' ones off Ebay (or similar site).  Roll_eyes

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Re: HP laptop Recall

I'm pretty sure this is not the first time HP have had a recall for over heating batteries. If my memory serves me correctly I had a notification about 4 years ago for a ProBook battery check, but my laptop was outside the serial numbers affected.

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Re: HP laptop Recall

I have a Spectre X360 X5X71EA#ABU


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Re: HP laptop Recall

Well my Dell laptop battery is one from eBay, seems to work and not caught fire yet.

Now you're all making me paranoid Tongue

I had to buy a new one, as the original died. 0% and wouldn't charge.

I don't know if it is true, but a friend told me it is probably made in the same factory.

Looks identical, minus the Dell logo. So if it is a copy it appears to be a good one (on the outside at least).