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HP Envy 4500 printing on card - help!

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HP Envy 4500 printing on card - help!

Hi all
The Wife's 50th Birthday is coming up in a few months, and wan't to get some invites out.  She has designed the invitation online and to print through a agency (photo box) want to charge £55 just for 40 invites.
So I suggested on printing at home using card. 
Does anyone know what card I should buy? Ideal would be matte A4 and could squeeze 2 invites on one sheet.
Does anyone know if this printer can print on card or not?
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Re: HP Envy 4500 printing on card - help!

You should be able to print on card on that printer..... Card is "rated" in gsm  which gives an indication of thickness... so "ordinary" photo card would be about 240gsm... I would suggest you go to a "craft" shop, or supplier... maybe like Hobby Craft... and see what sort of card is available... ( you could use coloured card, but your print colours would be affected.).. it will be a good idea to talk to someone and ask them to show you different thickness of card