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HMRC Personal Tax Account gone wrong

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HMRC Personal Tax Account gone wrong

Logged in to my Personal Tax Account today to check if one of my tax codes had been updated to discover that there was no PAYE section on the home page, something gone wrong there. There are a couple of recent posts on Money Saving Expert saying the same, have any forum members seen anything like this? The following link does reveal further strangeness.

Using the usual login this gives information on previous tax years but for 2018-19 it comes up with a wacky message that I have had no income in the current tax year as my employment/pension stopped at some date early this year, well that's news to me.Smiley

I reported the problem online so should get some response in a couple of days, however they usually supply an answer unrelated to the problem raised.Sad

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Re: HMRC Personal Tax Account gone wrong

There is usually only one reason for your pension being stopped, and since you are posting here, it would appear that it doesn't apply in your case.