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Gotcha ! Britain`s smallest bird.

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Gotcha ! Britain`s smallest bird.

For a while now, I have been "observing" a bird, flitting about down the bottom of our garden.

We have a wooden building there, commonly called "the shed"...  I have seen this bird flitting up into the corner of the eave of the shed, but never actually managed to capture it ... until today..


What a lovely surprise to find that it is Britain`s smallest bird....


The Wren..


The shed is about 55 feet from the camera...  I was not "in hiding" just standing in the garden, near the kitchen door... hand held...  Zoom at about 40X optical...  and only a slight adjustment to the contrast for colouring.


wren 001.JPGwren 001b.jpgwren 002.JPGwren 004.JPGwren 005.jpg


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Re: Gotcha ! Britain`s smallest bird.

Good pics, @shutter 👍. I had a pair of then nesting in a tree last year, but not seen them this.

BTW - what's 'Tech Help' related about this? 🤣

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Re: Gotcha ! Britain`s smallest bird.

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Re: Gotcha ! Britain`s smallest bird.

@shutter That looks like explosive padding material in it’s beak....

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Re: Gotcha ! Britain`s smallest bird.

Nice pics @shutter 


I once had the great privilege to be used as a sort of staging post for three fledgling wrens on their first flight.

They flew into my coat, rested for a few seconds, then took off, never to be seen again.

The kind of magical moment you never forget.

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Re: Gotcha ! Britain`s smallest bird.

Great picture there @shutter 

Lke yourself @jab1 we had a pair nesting in our garden and have not seen them since. We do still see them from time to time and they really are facinating to watch as they hunt around for insects. Don't bother with our bird table for some reason - and don't get me started on those pesky Magpies that gobble up all that is going! 


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