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Google 'knew camera car software could capture online data'

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Google 'knew camera car software could capture online data'

Hi All
Just seen this:
[quote="The Independent"]
Google 'knew camera car software could capture online data'
Google knew that software installed in its camera cars could capture and store the online data of millions of people, including emails, text messages and images, when it sent them out to photograph Britain’s streets, according to US authorities investigating the company.
Correspondence handed over to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) suggest that the team managing the project was told of their software’s capability and were even advised to seek legal advice.
The company has always maintained that it had no idea of the capabilities of the Street View cars nor any intention to sweep up the huge amounts of data from unsecured WiFi networks it did for more than two years.
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My Bold, That proves that Google is Evil.
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Re: Google 'knew camera car software could capture online data'

My question is How could they NOT know?
You doin't spend £Mega on software like that to capture panoramic 360 views of each road every few feet , taking GPS coordinates of where you are etc and not know that its also monitoring wifi networks. More to the point, you'd need to specifically request the feature - monitoring wifi networks isn't something you accidentally include into your software is it.
It was never an accident, undiscovered bug, etc. It was always googles intention to go out and monitor peoples wifi connections for some reason. Why? I have no idea but I suspect the pentagon made use of the data somehow in the end. When you consider the pakistani Doctor who has recently been jailed for helping them to find Bin Ladin (He setup a fake vaccination program for children and was then sending the needles to be DNA analyzed to see if they've got near Bin Ladin) then I suspect the pentagon have uses for peoples WiFi data too. I reckon they've cottoned on to the idea that few people will change their wifi passwords so by surveying all the wifi they can, they have a good amount of wifi packets that they can attempt to crack / monitor in the future.
Far fetched? Very much so but then so is a fake vaccination program in order to send away the needles for DNA analysis and that all came out recently - Link
He helped the CIA by running a fake vaccination programme to collect the DNA of Bin Laden’s children and reveal where he was living. The al-Qaeda leader was killed by US Navy Seals last year.

With that in mind, anything far fetched is possible no matter how idiotic we may think it sounds.
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