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Google Marches On

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Google Marches On

An announcement yesterday from Google
Is there no stopping them?
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Re: Google Marches On

Gotta hand it to them, considering google was started as a uni project/experiment they've done well.
I'm actually pretty impressed with googles line up of services. From a basic search, video search, email, dns and more, they really do offer some really amazing services.
You'll always get people moaning about these super size companies being too big and turning into big brother etc but thats typical of all big companies once they reach mega size - people will always find something to slag them off about. Sometimes its deserved, others it isn't. My gripe with google at the moment is their recent idea of trying to create a two tier internet and change internet traffic prioritisation. Then I realised.. it doesn't matter anyway as PN have already done that to most of us anyway  Cheesy
Seriously, google isn't all good but like the BBC where would we be without them?
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