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Google Easter egg

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Google Easter egg

Just stumbled across a silly little Google Easter Egg:

jelv (a.k.a Spoon Whittler)
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Re: Google Easter egg

Actually saw three of these some time back coming down the M5 from Birmingham.

Pretty sure those are 2CV headlamps as well. Wonder if they are still around - the cars that is.






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Re: Google Easter egg

@Minivanman wrote:
Pretty sure those are 2CV headlamps as well.


They are indeed, very infuriating headlamps they are too, well, that is for modern car owners, cos you can change the bulbs just by pressing the latch on top and the headlamp unit comes out revealing the bulbs for easy changing, unlike modern cars where you seem to need to have a degree in engineering just to access the back of the headlamps... Funny