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Good Gracious me

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Good Gracious me

4 years ago i had a sinus problem and various visits to my ENT consultant proved to be a waste of time. So, oneday I visited dr google and found this:

On my next visit I told the ent consultantabout this and he laughed his head off. I asked him have you read about nitric oxide. He
looked it up on his pc and said i will explore this.
Two weeks later he told me that he was going to run a pilot study with a number of patients, out of curiosity, to see what happened.
Yesterday he told me that 87% of the patients in the trial had  achieved the same success as i had achieved and that he was writing the results up for an ent journal.
Today I have just had an email from the  genome project people suggesting that  a faulty gene is responsible for a decrease in serotinon, which causes the neurotransmitters in the gut to go into havoc mode and result in irrtitable bowel syndrome symptomatology.
So dont give up if you get no where with your gp/consultant......ask dr google    lol  its free and might just help you
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Re: Good Gracious me

Funny you should report what happened with your medical man who, like most of them, think they know everything and look down their noses at you if you try to point out something  you have researched and found what should be of interest to the med profs......
because I have had this experience more than once with my own med team....
I am an avid reader of anything to do with the wonderful machine which is our body and often pick up UNBIASED info.
In defence of the General Practitioners, I must say that there are so many aspects of the human body which are not fully explored, purely because of time and money constraints, that it is nigh impossibleto to KNOW EVERYTHING.
A case in point recently was some research I did on haematology (my wife has a problem)...she has to have continual (weekly at the moment) transfusions of blood to top her up with the red and white cells her marrow is not producing.
A supplement called eurythropoetin (EPO for short) can help the kidneys to produce red cells  which are vital for taking oxygen to your organs.
Without red cells you have major problems of tiredness and possibly organ malfunction.
When I mentioned this to her Consultant, he had no idea what it was.
To make a long story short, my wife is now receiving the EPO weekly .....