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Ghost Stories

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Ghost Stories

Watching channel 4 today and they are showing an advert for the imminent release of the film Ghost Stories.

Interesting to note that the film will be in cinemas on Arpil 6th.


Who proof checks the material for release or is there something that I am missing? Or is there a month missing from my calendar?

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Re: Ghost Stories

Just noticed it being advertised on SyFy with the same error so the advertisers have been successful in drawing attention to it Grin

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Re: Ghost Stories

Arpil? Isn’t that the one between Charm and Yam?

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Re: Ghost Stories

@agedgopher wrote:

... Ghost Stories.



At first glance the thread title reminded me of this (warning, not strictly PC or may offend the easily-offended!)

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Re: Ghost Stories

What you are all forgetting is that the scriptwriter, and screenwriter are both ghost writers  Roll_eyes



At present time, they are writing the sequel..........

















Ghost Writers in the sky  Cheesy

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Re: Ghost Stories

Don't tell me we have to be politically correct about goats now! Wink


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