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Getting plastered & being chased ;)

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Registered: ‎08-12-2013

Getting plastered & being chased ;)

Right then
1st I would like to mention that it has nothing to do with, a favourite tipple or 2 Tongue
& sorry for that Wink
It is to do with

You guessed it

Chasing walls
When I chase walls for cables pipes etc, I always use 2 or 3 coats of 1:5 ratio of PVA / water to soak into the brickwork prior to re-plastering
With cables I like to use either PVC / Aluminium or galvanised channel over the cables prior to plastering (dependent on availability / budget / client etc), then a final coat of 1:5 PVA / Water left until it goes tacky, whilst mixing the plaster
I tend not to do full walls, if I can help it
Have you any tips
I have heard that
Some like to add a spot of washing up liquid to the final coat (Personally & professionally I do not like the idea of that)
Some like to add some PVA to the plaster mix (again I do not like the idea of that)