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Getting grubby

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Getting grubby

Just the car seats, so don't get excited!

Our little Fiesta is now ten years old and with as many grandchildren as fingers, those car seats are now looking rather grubby - especially those in the back, so does anybody know best how to give them a really good clean.

Used Halfords type upholstery cleaner in the past which has turned out to be worse than useless so I have been considering getting in a professional car cleaner in to give 'em the once over. Emailed a couple for a price but no replies as yet so...

Nothing much worse than ice cream and sticky sweet stains by the way. Smiley 

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Re: Getting grubby

Buy a new "floor cloth"  (or two or three )... fairly thick woven cotton material type... not the nylon stuff.

Boil a kettle

Half a cup of BIO type washing powder 

Put washing powder in bucket or bowl....

pour on the boiling water... and stir until all dissolved.

Cool the water to hand temp..

Then .. ( having pre-washed the "floor cloth(s) " ).... get it really wet..... wring it out, until "damp"... you will soon find out how "damp" you need it..   then use a large "pad" of folded cloth, to give the surface a good rubbing... rinse out the cloth often...

You will not leave the seat "too" wet, this way.... and yo could use a large towel, or blanket to cover the seat(s) if you need to use the car....but preferably, leave to dry overnight. ( do it in the morning, to give more drying time for next day use )


Worked for me ! .