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Garden Centre

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Garden Centre

The other day myself and swmbo were having a look around one of these posh/expensive garden centres.

swmbo: Guess how much this shrub is ?

me: £10.   looks at label £35.... me: "(censored) must be joking"

The next half hour was spent in finding who could find the most expensive plant or tree with the other trying to guess how close to the price they could get.

Thought I had won with a ginko biloba tree about 8ft high, price £1,000.

Of course swmbo won with some other tree which was close to£ 2,000.

That cost me a coffee and cake..... but not in that garden centre.

Some folk must have some money if they can buy things like this, no doubt there will be added transport costs.

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Re: Garden Centre

We go to garden centres a lot.... mostly for the food... the one`s we use are reasonable in price... and the food is good quality..


Missus does buy plants at them... but only if they are reduced/cheap/or in the sale... she has a good memory for prices and can compare garden centre to garden centre for like for like items in her head ! ..


Agree, some of the stuff they have in those places seem to be a rip-off, and highly priced... but they may well be high priced, so that you don`t want to buy them...    daft?  maybe...but they are using them as "stock"  and also as "display" items...


Also the probablility is, that those high priced plants need some special, or speciality , care, and are not necessarily for the average gardener..



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Re: Garden Centre

Garden centre this side of Cardiff was selling mature olive trees in pots for a grand - they must have been expecting Michael Jackson to pop in. 

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Re: Garden Centre

On a related note, I have noticed that the grass has started to grow in these last few days and it's still February!