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Further good news!

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Further good news!

This is the season finale of ginger and LeBland!!!

Yes the painful slow motion train wreck is finally going to grind to a halt! I don't know about you lot but i'm glad.. this has been the worst ever series and according to one headline on the dailymail site the BBC are now considering the future of the show.

Meanwhile if everyone could tweet to @RealBrianConley and @BBC expressing their interest in BC becoming a TG host that would be grand. I think it would be rather entertaining to see "Dangerous Brian" going round the track.. or Larry the Lopher flying round on a quadcopter...

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Re: Further good news!

Don't worry the new Top Gear was only created to satisfy the contracts with broadcasters round the world for retransmission. (it was very popular in Saudi when I was out there). Now the BBC have screwed up the taxpayer will pick up the tab as always. Ticked_off

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