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Funny money

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Funny money

So the USA's Federal bank is predicted to splurge 1.5 Trillion dollars in its third round of Quantitative Easing.  In effect they are "printing" the money rather than earning it of borrowing it.
If they actually printed the $100 bills for the full amount it would need 404,000 large 37 tonne lorries to carry the money.
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Re: Funny money

Another solution (instead of printing it):-
Following from an email doing the rounds:-
Wife: hon, the drain in the sink is blocked.
Bernanke: OK, I will add more water.
Wife: Huh? There is enough water in the sink, it just won't go down.
Bernanke: Don't worry, just keep adding water till mid-2015.
Son: Dad, the truck won't move.
Bernanke: I will make the string longer.
Son: I think you're supposed to push this thing - we need something firm.
Bernanke: You're right. The string has to be longer AND thicker.
Nurse: the patient is complaining of chest pains.
Dr Bernanke: give him 500 cc of blood.
Nurse: but he hasn't lost any blood.
Dr Bernanke: in 2008 we gave him blood and he recovered from his gunshot wounds just fine.
I know Dr Bernanke, I will just keep digging using this Mechanical digger rather than the shovel

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