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Funeral Cortège

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Funeral Cortège

Earlier I was driving to my local supermarket to do some food shopping.

I came to a roundabout intending to leave at the second exit.

As I joined the roundabout I noticed a funeral cortège at the next exit preparing to enter the roundabout.

Purely on instinct I stopped on the roundabout and waved them through...they left at the same exit I was heading for.

After 4 or 5 cars had passed someone waved me on and I joined the cortège until we parted company 1/4 mile on.

The roundabout was quiet with only one car arriving behind me.

I did think afterwards it was probably not the right thing to do on safety grounds.

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Re: Funeral Cortège

I think your reaction was natural, and I would probably have done the same.


With hindsight - probably not a good idea at a roundabout. Legally wrong but morally right!

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Re: Funeral Cortège

I agree it's a natural reaction. Unfortunate others may not be so polite and just continue as they have the right of way and, therefore, splitting the Cortège.


I always slow down as a mark of respect when I see a funeral Cortège. Sadly I have noticed that such respect is lacking these days.

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