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French Connection to fcuk off and die?

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French Connection to fcuk off and die?

French Connection were once the market leader in annoying, puntacular clothing. However, it appears that this winter, the public opinion on the fashion outlet has cooled as the company announced that their UK stores have suffered an £8.2million loss.
Shares in the company were down 2.2 per cent following the news, leaving founder and chief executive Stephen Marks wringing his hands and describing conditions as the worst he has known.
He’s noted that it has been increasingly difficult for FCUK (hovering around the British high street of 40-odd years, which is surprising) to maintain its full-price stance as it has done previously.

PS I bet this gets censored.  Cheesy

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Re: French Connection to [url=][b][

Yup, and it screwed over your title too!
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