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Freedom of the press

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Freedom of the press

Well I am all for that......but.....not trial by the press.

A number of newspapers have named and shown photographs of a couple who are under arrest in connection with the drones flying near Gatwick.

The headlines are worded in such a way that they do not actually accuse the couple but no doubt some will still see them as guilty.

Is it not for a jury to decide if people are guilty and until such time should the press not be allowed to publish personal details about someone ?

If they are guilty then they deserve all they get but until such times they are innocent.

There have been several recent cases where the press have assumed the person is guilty and virtually ruined their lives, perhaps they think it's worth paying compensation as the story is worth more to them.

One thing for sure, innocent or guilty this couple will not be having a happy christmas unless some other person ends up being charged.

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Re: Freedom of the press

TBH I find this attitude the Press have to be sleazy, underhand and downright wrong. According to the BBC they've been released without charge, so would the papers be partially to blame if a vigilante took it upon themselves to hand out some 'retribution' to this pair because they'd missed their holiday.

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Re: Freedom of the press

Of course, the press will be only too pleased to announce that they have been released without charge, in exactly the same terms as their original headline grabbing announcement of their arrest...




i don`t think so.......