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Free voucher from skytv ... woohooo

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Free voucher from skytv ... woohooo

I just got a letter from sky with a voucher to spend on box office movies for upto £14 from now until end of december, and wishing me a merry christmas... anyone else get one ?

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Re: Free voucher from skytv ... woohooo

Probably quite a few I should imagine.  I suspect it's a bit like the Reader's Digest letter telling you you've been specially selected to be entered into a draw.

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Re: Free voucher from skytv ... woohooo

I wonder if Rupert got one? Funny

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Re: Free voucher from skytv ... woohooo

I got one today too. The thing about Sky is if you purchase a film to watch through the box they will even send you a physical copy as part of the deal (if you wanted it of course).

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Re: Free voucher from skytv ... woohooo

on DVD though.

you won't get a Blu-ray version of it.

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