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Free delivery or lower price?

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Re: Free delivery or lower price?

Quote from: janitor
Strat it's not the new postman, it's now Royal Mails preferred option to leave it with a neibour, it's an opt out system so if you don't want parcels left with a neibour you need to contact your delivery office.

Indeed it is Smiley

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Re: Free delivery or lower price?

Ah! I see you have to opt out if you don't want a package left with a neighbour - I thought you had to opt in if you did. Learned something so early on a Sunday morning Smiley
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Re: Free delivery or lower price?

Re: the 'leave it with a neighbour' option. I live on a little lane with a total of six houses, we all know each other well, and as I tend to be the only one in during the day, my porch occaisionally looks like a warehouse. Wink
We seem to get the same driver from most of the couriers, and they all try each of us before returning the item to the depot.