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France -Credit Rating

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Re: France -Credit Rating

A string of eurozone countries have had their credit ratings downgraded in a mass blitz by agency Standard and Poor's.

I'm also downgrading them too in my feelings of their financial competence. I've gone from "little faith in europe" to "no faith in europe at all"  Wink
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Re: France -Credit Rating

I can write France's response
Its an Anglo Saxon conspiracy  Grin
England and the US should be downgraded first  Grin
Its all America's fault  Grin
France invented economics and we understand it best and no-one else does  Grin
The European Central bank agrees with us  Grin
Angela Merkel agrees with us  Grin
Anything i've missed  Smiley
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Re: France -Credit Rating

Portugal downgraded to junk status Embarrassed Embarrassed