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Founder of Bluebell Railway dies.....

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Founder of Bluebell Railway dies.....

Reported on the southern news tonight.... the founder of the Bluebell railway in Sussex has died.
What a shame.... apparently it was this guy`s ambition was to re-open the line all the way to East Grinstead.....
Yesterday on the local news, it was reported that this had been achieved, but trains will not begin running until next week...
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Re: Founder of Bluebell Railway dies.....

Well at least he got to see he line make it there thats the main thing! I think dying with the knowledge that trains WILL run on it is rather satisfying.
The heritage line I am a member of have no interest in doing anything to help themselves. The bluebell did all sorts to raise funds for line extensions - even selling certificates for £10 to raise funds for 'the tip' clearance - a railway cutting that had thousands of tons of refuse dumped in it when the line was closed. £10 for a certificate to say you gave them £10.. madness but it worked! They did it, they cleared it and they reopened it!
The lot at the line i joined aren't open to fund raising ideas at all. You put ideas to them and they'll find any reason possible to shoot it down. A while back I gave them an idea for publicity which would involve the use of a certain piece of railway architecture. They said they'd look at it and that was the last I heard of it. Then one day an external company get in touch wanting to use that very same piece of architecture for a project of theirs which will naturally gain us publicity. Suddenly they realised I was right that this thing did have publicity potential and decided to pursue my idea Roll eyes It doesn't pay to be creative or keen these days. Thing is I have more ideas that could build up the brand / reputation of our line but I don't dare put them forward Crazy
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