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Forum Brightspark

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Forum Brightspark

Well seeing as OJ explained this in the Lee7 thread I thought we should have us a nice new topic.
I never noticed it before (well I did but didn't pay it much attention). Apparently we can nominate people to be put forward for this highly prized award.
So.. who would you nominate and why? I can think of two straightaway:
shutter - he's always here, posting, telling us about the navy days, giving up photographic tips and advice etc.
PCUK - he always shares a lot of real life experience and tips for how to do things for the better. Plus he introduced me (and others) to our favourite online tabloid!
So.. who would you like to see get this award?
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Re: Forum Brightspark

Ask me again when I have been here long enough to get to know more peeps