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Food going off? Check with your mobile first!

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Food going off? Check with your mobile first!

The mobile phone scanner that detects if leftover food is safe to eat
A mobile phone that can detect whether leftovers in your fridge are safe to eat could be heading to a store near you.

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, have developed a device that attaches to mobiles and can detect small amounts of E. coli in liquid samples.

This, for me, is in the same vain as those frying pans where the centre changes colour when it's hot; if you need such devices then you shouldn't be left alone in the kitchen.
If it smells off then it most likely is Smiley

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Re: Food going off? Check with your mobile first!

I don't think I'd buy a phone just to check food in the fridge is safe to eat. I'd rather go by the use by dates and common sense.
I could however see a blue tooth device driven by an app on a smart phone being a successful product.
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