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First it's your toaster...

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First it's your toaster...

Our toaster has sneakily adjusted itself so the toast complies with the the latest guidance. The toast now comes out pale and slightly crisped.

The thought occurred to me that in future in the Internet of Things (IoT) where home devices are connected to the Internet (via IPv6 PlusNet!!) it would not beyond the bounds of possibility for the national health advisor to send out automatic instructions to toasters to adjust their performance to the latest government advice. Or maybe, GP Surgeries able to remotely lock the doors of the fridges at night for those people who are recorded as clinically obese.


What would be your nightmare of State control  via the IoT? 

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Re: First it's your toaster...

I guess it's already here.

These smart tv's that can spy on you, even on standby.

Just make sure you don't have one in your bedroom.


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Re: First it's your toaster...

If greenhouse gases become a particular problem the authorities could remotely turn down the thermostat on your smart heating system and eject from the wardrobe onto the bed your nice warm jumper.

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Re: First it's your toaster...

I wonder if that could work with those 'fit-bit' devices? Just imagine you're out jogging and your fit-bit detects you're over exerting yourself , it could dial an ambulance for you! Might have to be careful wearing it in bed with the Mrs though Grin

On the plus side of things, if you do die on the job at least you can come & go at the same time!! Funny