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Female traffic lights?

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Female traffic lights?

Well, not quite but some cities in Germany have 50/50 green men/woman
Gender equality with traffic lights is being pursued in Dortmund, with 50/50 quotas for male and female icons set to be introduced.
Politicians from the Social Democratic and Green parties in the German city have asked the council to consider the idea.
They’ve argued that some of the lights should be partially modified in the name of equality.
The plan’s backers claim that the change would make crossing the road safer as female icons – or Ampelfrauen - would emit more light through the skirt.

Are they for real Shocked

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Re: Female traffic lights?


Ampelfrauen - would emit more light through the skirt.

Hah Hah Hah.... I can see through that argument......    Cool Cool

that is really shocking...  Shocked Shocked
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Re: Female traffic lights?

I'd have thought they were putting up lights that couldn't decide what colour to wear... Grin
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Re: Female traffic lights?

They are right though - and they get the Royal seal of approval....