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Fed up with TV presenters...

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Re: Fed up with TV presenters...

I better not mention Holly "I'm here" Willoughby then.
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Re: Fed up with TV presenters...

Good couple of points you mention there Cheesy

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Re: Fed up with TV presenters...

Quote from: Petlew
Yesterday's new BBC Airport Live was a good case in point. I noted several times a presenter describing something that was going on but it couldn't be seen as the presenter was full screen head and shoulders in shot.

Tonight's (Wednesday) was appalling for the amount of presenter time on screen, and playing silly what-sits.
If you cast your mind back to the original "Airport" programmes, that started a whole raft of similar shows, didn't feature a single on screen presenter the whole thing was done by excellent voice-overs. Ok it wasn't live, but if this is live TV give me carefully edited recorded content any day.
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Re: Fed up with TV presenters...

Just caught up with Airport Live which I recorded earlier. I know what you mean about the main presenter.  What a ghastly presenter.  Who on earth was she Undecided