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Farewell Nadger

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Farewell Nadger

Hi folks


I've joined the Plusnet forum to pass on some sad news about long time Community participant Nadger (in real life, John Cummings).

I first interacted with Nadger when I worked at PIPEX. He was an early Broadband customer and stuck with us through thick and thin. He was incredibly generous with his time and experience, always ready to help other users and becoming the informal leader of a small band of customers who helped us test new developments before release over many years.

He moved on from PIPEX after the GX Networks takeover and joined Plusnet almost exactly a decade ago, where he continued to be a very regular forum participant and I'm sure many of you will know his handle well.

I met up with John several times after I left PIPEX and we continued to exchange emails from time to time. I know from those meetings and our annual Christmas updates that he hadn't been in perfect health for quite some time but was always in good spirits and never lost his enthusiasm.

Sadly, however, I got a telephone call a few days ago to tell me that a complication with his illness had developed which had led to a stay in hospital. Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated very quickly while in hospital and he died quite suddenly. He leaves behind a wife and (grown up) daughter.

I'll miss John. He was a lovely, friendly man, always entertaining to interact with and very generous with his time both in the service of the testing we did at PIPEX and to help anyone who needed it.



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Re: Farewell Nadger

Thanks for taking the time to post on here and let us know Mark.
Many people wouldn't.

Having lost someone close to me I know how it feels. Cry

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Re: Farewell Nadger

Sorry to hear that sad news.

Thanks for posting those details about him, I always found him to be helpful and friendly on the forum.



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Re: Farewell Nadger

I'm saddened to hear this, I didn't know him even via the forum but always recognised his avatar and respected his posts and contribution to the forum.



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Re: Farewell Nadger

Thank you very much for taking the time to inform us about Nadger. I never knew him personally but any interactions here with him were always pleasant. My sincere condolences to his family and everyone who knew him. Rest In Peace Nadger. Sad

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Re: Farewell Nadger

Very sad to hear of Nadger's passing.


He contributed a great deal to the forums over the years and he will be sorely missed.

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Re: Farewell Nadger

Echoing Mav's sentiments.

Very sorry to hear such sad news, my thoughts are with his family Sad

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Re: Farewell Nadger

Rest in Peace, My Freind.


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Re: Farewell Nadger


I must have been really bad in a previous life as this was my 3rd ISP in a row that used lithium.
Now you're stuck with me because my new ISP doesn't run a forum Cheesy
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Re: Farewell Nadger

Sad news indeed Cry
Thoughts are with his nearest and dearest.

Bob Pullen
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Re: Farewell Nadger

Sad Loss Cry

He will be missed

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Re: Farewell Nadger

Sad news indeed. @nadger was an active member of PUG for many years and though his contributions understandably declined in recent times he will nevertheless be missed.

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Re: Farewell Nadger

Sadden to hear this news; Nadger and I exchanged many a friendly PM. 14 years, perhaps if you have opportunity to do so would you pass on the collective condolences of the Plus forums to his family.

Experience; is something you gain, just after you needed it most.

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Re: Farewell Nadger

I certainly will. His wife and daughter tell me that they don't have the passwords to his online accounts and so won't be able to receive PMs etc but I will make sure that they are aware of the contents of this thread.



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Re: Farewell Nadger

I excnanged a number of PMs with John over the years. Always an interesting person to talk to. He will be sadly missed

My condolances to his family.