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Facial Recognition Is Making Gains

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Facial Recognition Is Making Gains

Hi All
Just seen this:
[quote="The New York Times"]
Facial Scanning Is Making Gains in Surveillance
WASHINGTON — The federal government is making progress on developing a surveillance system that would pair computers with video cameras to scan crowds and automatically identify people by their faces, according to newly disclosed documents and interviews with researchers working on the project.
The Department of Homeland Security tested a crowd-scanning project called the Biometric Optical Surveillance System — or BOSS — last fall after two years of government-financed development. Although the system is not ready for use, researchers say they are making significant advances. That alarms privacy advocates, who say that now is the time for the government to establish oversight rules and limits on how it will someday be used.
There have been stabs for over a decade at building a system that would help match faces in a crowd with names on a watch list — whether in searching for terrorism suspects at high-profile events like a presidential inaugural parade, looking for criminal fugitives in places like Times Square or identifying card cheats in crowded casinos.
The automated matching of close-up photographs has improved greatly in recent years, and companies like Facebook have experimented with it using still pictures.
But even with advances in computer power, the technical hurdles involving crowd scans from a distance have proved to be far more challenging. Despite occasional much-hyped tests, including one as far back as the 2001 Super Bowl, technical specialists say crowd scanning is still too slow and unreliable.
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[quote="Comment by: Paul"]
The funny thing is that when the day comes that all you need do at the airport or ATM is to look into the device that scans your retina, people will wonder how they ever lived without it.

Watt I agree with 100%  Sad
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Re: Facial Recognition Is Making Gains

Old news really. I was looking into this company's facial recognition software about six year's ago. It's based in Kazakhstan . I wouldn't be surprised if there a USSR KGB background in some of their early people, no doubt totally independent now. One of the reported uses is most of the travel hubs such as bus stations and rail stations have their system installed and they compare against the photo's used for identity cards and visas.
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