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Face Masks

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Face Masks

Few people find it much fun wearing face masks but they do offer a degree of protection to other people and possibly a small amount of protection to the wearer depending on the type of mask used.

I can understand some people who have breathing problems being reluctant to wear a mask but cannot see any reason why these people do not wear a face shield.

Soon this will all be hypothetical as the wearing of face masks becomes optional, likely followed by heated exchanges between those who continue to wear them and those that don’t.


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Re: Face Masks

Can't see a problem myself @gleneagles . I currently wear one in situations where they are legally required (shops/public transport) but at no other time, and have not had any problem. When they become optional, I will continue to wear mine in really enclosed small spaces or crowded public transport - for others benefit, not mine, but there must come a point when we can go around not looking like a potential criminal.

IMO, this whole thing has become silly.

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Re: Face Masks

@jab1  + 1


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Re: Face Masks

From next week, I choose NOT to be forced to wear a mask, except at Comic Cons.

If BoJo the Clown or anyone else objects, boo ya to them! It's personal choice.



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Re: Face Masks

Moderator's note(s):

With respect to the OP the issue of mask-wearing has been covered in many other threads and I don't see this one being any different.

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