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FTTC Router admin query

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FTTC Router admin query

Please feel free to move this but I didn’t want to clog up the ‘Broadband and routers’ section with this advice request and, in so doing, delay anyone the help they might need.  Smiley
I have recently gone to FTTC and wondered in anyone could explain the admin of the router that Plusnet supplied (Netgear N150 Wireless Router WNR1000 v3), in particular, the bit that shows the ‘sync speed’; if indeed there is such a thing with FTTC. Used to know where I was with the old DG834. I can find ‘Show Statistics (just as the DG834) but wasn’t supplied with a manual and can’t work out what the rather baffling array of numbers mean or refer to   Embarrassed
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Re: FTTC Router admin query

I can confirm one thing for definite: this router does not show sync speed or any DSL line statistics because it does not know, it is fed only Ethernet frames from the BT openreach modem, if it gives any 'statistics' they'll just be throughputs (either rates or totals) for different ports.
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