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FREE from NASA .....Earth as art—enjoy the gallery.

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FREE from NASA .....Earth as art—enjoy the gallery.

 Earth as you've never seen it before: Nasa reveal stunning new images of our planet in free e-book and app
   * Pictures taken from a range of Nasa satellites published as e-book and iPad app by the space agency
   * Satellites measure beyond the spectrum of human vision, so they show more than is visible to the naked eye

PDF to download

iPad app also

The book features 75 stunning images of Earth from the Terra, Landsat 5, Landsat 7, EO-1, and Aqua satellites.
Sensors on these satellites can measure light outside of the visible range, so the images show more than what is visible to the naked eye.
The images are intended for viewing enjoyment rather than scientific interpretation.
The beauty of Earth is clear, and the artistry ranges from the surreal to the sublime.
( For a psychedelic experience, just hold down the page down key ! )
( Or SPACE ! bar on mac, using Preview )
( pun intended )

Warning... Flashing Images.

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