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A three-month-old kitten had a lucky escape after being placed into a plastic bin liner and abandoned in a communal refuse area.
The tiny black tom cat was rescued by an RSPCA officer after a neighbour heard a "miaow" coming from the heap of rubbish.
The pet was found in a puddle of rainwater inside a plastic cat carrier box that had been wrapped in a bin bag and left next to a communal bin near flats in Holborn, London.
The RSPCA said the kitten was in "good health" but shivering and wet when found on Monday.
A spokeswoman said it is thought he could have been there for most of the night.
Animal welfare officer Jill Sanders, who found the cat, said: "All I could see when I opened the bag were these two little eyes peering out at me.
"Just to leave the kitten like that is so sad. He was gorgeous and ever so friendly, and there were no signs that he had been badly treated before.
"I hate to think what could have happened. He was really quiet when I arrived and I can just imagine that had the dustbin men come along they could very easily have thrown him straight into the truck.
"There is no way of telling why this little one was abandoned, but there is a real crisis at the moment.
"Because people don't have their cats neutered there are so many unwanted cats and kittens and our animal centres are full to the brim."
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Why.... Why do people do it? - I'm absolutely sickened by stories like this.
I'm glad it was rescued and should be ok but it should never of happened in the first place.
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