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European Energy costs

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European Energy costs

For those worried about the cost of fuel, I came across this site:
The UK does well in some respects.
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Re: European Energy costs

Last year my average cost per kWh of gas was 4.83p and electricity 15.14p. So gas is almost 1/3 the cost of electricity per kWh.
My wife and I started to act the reduce our energy consumption in 2005, when gas was 2.44p and electricity 9.11p per kWh. Since then our annual payments have been £1,077 (2005); £1,205; £990; £1,108; £893; £1,035 and £971 (2011). Notice that the increase in prices in recent years has had little impact. This has been achieved with investment of about £1,000. About half the energy use goes on space heating so much of the variation from year to year depends on the coldness or otherwise of the winter period.
The saving this year, using the amount we used in 2005 as the baseline, was £1,073. The cumulative saving since 2005 has been about £3,800.