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Euro car parts

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Euro car parts

Has anyone used Euro car parts ?

Ordered some items yesterday and the claim was if ordered before 3pm they would be delivered the same day.

Some hope ! Phoned this morning and they no nothing about my order even though money has been charged to my credit card, wish I had read the reviews about this company before using them as others have had similar problems.

Contacted the credit card company who advised me to email them with date, time, cost of items and request a response within 24 hours.

If I get nowhere my money will be refunded but I have to wait 7 days and contact the card company again for them to investigate.

Lucky the items are not needed urgently

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Re: Euro car parts

I've used them but only for instore purchases and 'click and collect', not for home delivery.

They generally offer a good range of parts at competitive prices.  Delivery-wise I can't comment though - sorry.

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Re: Euro car parts

I've used them a few times BUT using 'click and collect'. Never had any problems...

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Re: Euro car parts

I've used them a fair few times but only for in store purchases like others have said.

I've always had a funny vibe about them though and would never trust them with delivery or payment over the phone. No idea why that is really but I do see them as predatory as they are sales focused and since they have invaded in my area another large parts supplier that was far superior went bust. I hold euro car parts responsible for that with their big glossy signage and constant advertising.. Which these days means sales / money focused rather than quality of products or service.
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Re: Euro car parts

I haven`t used them... but I have seen little white vans with "EuroParts" plastered all over them.. I thought they were a "Local" Motor Factors, .... I am in the fortunate postion, where I live, that I can use four or five local motor factors who are all within about 5 miles of where I live... some will even deliver to my door, if I ask nicely ! !.. ( I used to be in the Motor Factors business, years back, and do drop the hints about that in the conversation)... Generally though, I leave it to "my man" to get the parts he requires to do the job..

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Re: Euro car parts

@gleneagles I've used them for many years without issue, however I've never used their same-day delivery offer. My understanding is that such deliveries are handled by your local store so I wonder if that aspect has anything to do with it. You mentioned a denial of an order - I take it you didn't get any e-mail confirmation or anything to help in that regard?

You mentioned about wishing you'd read reviews beforehand however I was always under the impression that they were generally very highly regarded - by both the trade and retail. Their score on Trustpilot support the latter with a fair sized sample to draw confidence from. Not that anyone's else's positive opinions really matter when they've let you down personally!

You might not be inclined to use them again but, if you do, it might be worth noting that whilst ECP is usually very competitive anyway, CarParts4Less is the same company but often have even lower prices due to the lower overheads of being Internet-only. They don't do same-day deliveries though (no store involvement) but do offer next-day delivery.

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Re: Euro car parts

I've used them a couple of times but for in store purchases.

Be careful with what items you buy from Euro, always go for the well known names / brands.

Some of the stuff Euro sell is just utter skip fodder & not even worth wasting your time fitting.