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Err, em what can I say but ...

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Err, em what can I say but ...

I was watching Gogglebox the other night when they showed a clip from the X Factor featuring someone called Honey Bee (I think) and later they showed one of the judges keeping her in and getting rid of someone else.

Now unless the other guy sang like a cat being dragged down a cheese grater then I can only assume that this decision must have been made purely on ratings cos it was the biggest crock of [-Censored-] I’ve ever heard and it truly beggars belief.

What utter contrived rubbish, what have we done to deserve this [-Censored-].

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Re: Err, em what can I say but ...

Simon Cowell trying to get the ratings up on a sinking ship, pathetic. bit like the judges

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Re: Err, em what can I say but ...

That's entertainment folks.

It's also garbage that we no longer have to sift through now we have those new kids on the block such as Netflix and Amazon. 

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Re: Err, em what can I say but ...

Just put it down to... 1... Lack of talent. ..... both in the judges estimation, and those who present themselves..


If you got a box of frogs to sing on that show,... they would have more talent than the past 5 years "stars"  that have made it to the end of a series.


trouble is,... it`s the same throughout all our life styles now....


Lower the standards and rubbish   (insert your own words )..becomes normal and acceptable  


Television has lowered standards on every aspect of life, and it is difficult to know anyone, these days that has respect for others, their property, or life.  Everyone is out for themselves, and that includes those "wannabees" on X factor. The main thing is to get as much publicity for oneself, whether good or bad, just to get the votes...


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Re: Err, em what can I say but ...

X-Factor... OMG I can't even watch it myself. Mind you I could never watch stars in their eyes either.

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