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Energy contract

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Energy contract

Current energy contract (1 year) has ended so have been give a number of options for 1, 2, or 3 years.

Clearly the 3 year option is the most expensive but I have opted for that so only time will tell if that turns out to be a wise decision.

Checked with other energy suppliers but moving would save me little so not worth doing.

Interesting how the price of energy to consumers varies not only by each company but also the area you live in.

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Re: Energy contract

Recently I moved to BULB. So far their service seems fine. I joined one of the collective bargaining sites and this is where BULB came from.


One good thing with them is that you can move supplier at any time free of charge. This gives them an incentive to remain competitive if they want to keep their customers.


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Re: Energy contract

I have been with Tonik Energy for the last year and a bit. Lower prices, smaller company, not one of the big boys. While people's prices went up this year, our payments went down, but you do have to supply a meter reading every month. Interest paid on credit balances too Smiley