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Electricity generation

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Electricity generation

With the move from fossil fuels to 'green' energy I have become interested in Molten Salt Reactors MSRs which are nothing like what we have at the moment. Search Kirk Sorensen on youtube for his five minute summary of the advantages of MSRs or his longer detailed videos.

I have never been a fan of old nuclear power but no doubt consumed it. One reason why MSRs interest me is that with ever more battery vehicles needing overnight charging, base load power that does not burn fossil gas will be in increasing demand. Kirk Sorensen explains the many safety advantages. His company is called Flybe in the US. His 'how it works' arguments are compelling but I doubt public opinion will be supportive and I have reservations about the challenges of his particular tech.

Meanwhile in the UK a company called Moltex Is working on a related development that seems to focus on low cost, small size, maintainability, modularity and the safety potential over old nuclear.

MSRs were actually evaluated in the 1950-60s at Oakridge USA and proved in concept. They were not adopted because they did not produce material for weapons. Today the world needs are different.

If anyone has researched this or wants to do so it would be interesting to read if you think the public would ever buy this. I think not, but I think MSRs have a lot going for them - unlike the elephantine fusion projects sucking up public money for decades with next to no chance of being viable (I suspect).
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Re: Electricity generation

I suspect governments will support any idea that benefits one or more major donor to the their party.

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Re: Electricity generation

@Jonpe yeah and a good excuse for spreading out contracts to "worthy" constructors,..... afterwards, they will reap the benefits from the additional "green tax " that they will impose on it, saying that the tax will pay for future development..... etc etc etc ....

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Re: Electricity generation


After which the will pull the plug - pun intended, in the same way as they did with those subsidies for solar panels and electric cars. Personally I don't think they are as serious as they make out to be when it comes to supporting alternative energy initiatives.

Meanwhile, Norway becomes the first nation to sell more electric cars than petrol vehicles... which is a bit odd given the amount of oil they have licensed for production. 

A tale of two countries perhaps in this funny old politically expedient world of ours.


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