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I've had this email search thing setup for about 1.5 years for used parts for a certain item. It's always worked flawlessly finding me anything that matched and emailing me accordingly.
About 3 weeks ago, I started to get other items being emailed to me which missed off the last letter (e) in the name. Clearly ebay have now started searching for similar words in order to send you *anything* that they can to try and drum up business. This search I have setup is for a physical item that has optional parts that are pretty rare. The junk they're now emailing is is books and similar by an author with a similar name.
Over the last few days, I've been exchanging emails with ebay about this as they've clearly been tinkering with the email system hoping to get away with it. They've now told me to try everything from clearing my cookies to blocking the individual sellers by email address and member id. In other words "tough luck, we'll carry on sending you junk and it's now YOUR problem to deal with it on a daily basis". Why should I have to login every day and block sellers?
Easy answer back to ebay? "Fine, I'll delete the search then".
Now, surely it would make more sense to keep your customers sweet wouldn't it? What is the point emailing people irrelevant **** they don't want and then having them delete the email search? Is anyone else also suffering with this problem in the last month?
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Re: Ebay.

It sounds to me like it is not down to their e-mailing system but rather their auto-correct function of the search system which has been in place for a long time. You may well only have been seeing results coming through recently given the new auctions exhibiting misspellings and thus being picked up by the current search criteria.
Give this a go:
1. Enter your search criteria into eBay and see if the search gets changed automatically, e.g. searching for 'roald dahll' (note intentional misspelling of surname) gives a search result of with the effect that it has 'corrected' my key words (nkw = new key words) in order to bring up more results.
2. Clicking on the 'Return to original search' will change the search URL to which brings up no results because it is searching for exactly what I searched for.
(Alternative step 2: Wrap the 'problem' key word in quotation marks and it will take it literally (i.e. no auto-correction) e.g. roald "dahll")
3. Save the search in step 2 instead of 1 and you ought to get the desired hits e-mailed instead.
This is one of those features that convenient for most people - chances are that if a search string returns no results whereas a slight adjustment brings many then it was likely a misspelling on your behalf and you would likely be grateful for the auto-correction. In your case however it is not working quite as intended because the misspellings are in the results, not the search string.