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E-Bay Returning goods to sellers.

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E-Bay Returning goods to sellers.

Ordered a D900 OBD2 scanner for reading Car fault codes but since then have been checking the item out and it seems there are a number of cars these scanners will not work on. It's not arrived yet,and yes I know I should have done the research bit first but if it does not work and I return it will I have to pay the return postage ?
The Blurb does list the makes of car it should work on but it appears from other peoples comments that it only works on certain models and not all models under that make.
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Re: E-Bay Returning goods to sellers.

You'll need to check the type of seller, where they are and what specific conditions they state in the listing.
In general, for a business seller inside the EU they "should" pay return postage by default (Distance Selling legislation) but that can be excluded for unwanted and perishable goods among other categories.
You may not be able to show the item is faulty as such. If you can then a business seller would normal pay for the return postage.