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Dripping Tap

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Re: Dripping Tap

We had problems with taps , in the bathroom, and also in the kitchen.... two seperate occasions....
Luckily? we have a plumber who lives in the next road to us.... so called him in, to give us to sort the problems..... on the bathroom, it is bathroom sink taps.... and the washers were corroded so he suggested he could replace the washer and holder from "old stock" in his work bag.... we said OK... cost £15 for his time !...
Similar on the kitchen taps.... except he had a pair of taps he had taken from another job, and he did a swap ...... again... .... cost us £25  including the taps !...
so it might be worth seeing if you have a plumber in the near neighbourhood.........
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Re: Dripping Tap

Do Screwfix do anything that will suit you?
Just reseated and renewed washers for all my taps in the bathroom, and for the kitchen I bought a tap revitalising kit from screwfix. A couple of complete tap headgears plus new tops for around £7 odd.
Don't know if they do any ceramic bits but they're worth a look.