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Door openings

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Re: Door openings

I mentioned in another thread that our front door is outward opening. This is because as soon as you step in there is just a small area with a door to the left (lounge) and to the right (kitchen) and a stair case immediately in front. There is just not enough room for the door to swing inwards.


Oddly the doors at the back open outwards although there is room to open inward. There has been a few times the wind has caught them and ripped them from the hinges being wooden.

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Re: Door openings

We are different again. Front door opens inwards, back door outwards. Patio door slides.

Back door works well with the geometry of the utility room it leads from and the space outside, it's in a sheltered corner so can be hooked back at 90 degrees.

I guess inwards for a domestic front door generally works better for chains/security and welcoming visitors, plus not blowing wide in windy weather.