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Domestic Water Filtration

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Domestic Water Filtration

We are currently trying out various jug based cartridge water filtration systems.


Prior to probably having one fitted to our domestic Cold Water supply, a least on on a kitchen tap or two.


What are you thoughts / experiences on this ?


We live in a soft water area, and the tap water tastes extremely nice straight out of the tap.


So we don't need water softening.


So far, having tried various options, we are now only filtering the water we use for cold drinks, and kept in a separate jug in the fridge.


It definitely does make the Apple & Blackcurrant we like, taste really nice, and possibly better.


The filtered water is also kept in the fridge.


My main concern is that the filter, amongst other things, removes chlorine from the water, this must reduce the shelf life of the filtered water.


Any problems ?


I can't say we've really noticed any difference in hot drinks, especially Tea.




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Re: Domestic Water Filtration

We use a jug. The water is chlorinated and therefore bug free when it goes into the jug, The jug is kept in the fridge and the water is changed without fail evey day. In my opinion the risk of the water being contaminated is minimal. I wouldn't filter the whole house as I don't think it's justified.

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Re: Domestic Water Filtration

Chlorine is used as a disinfectant, not a preservative, so I don 't see a problem if it's stored in the fridge.

Interesting info here.

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Re: Domestic Water Filtration

It sounds like water filtration is not needed in this case.

We do the weekly food shopping for the mother-in-law who has decided she's incapable of any physical effort. Part of that shop involves buying half a dozen bottles of water because she doesn't like the tap water. She lives in a third floor apartment and I just love lugging this water up the stairs when the lift is busy.

Here in Derbyshire the water is great, doesn't need filtering, at least on our leg of the network.   I just wonder about the impact of all the chemicals, including phthalates from the plastic bottles in the water she drinks.  I guess water filter jugs are not immune to this issue.

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Re: Domestic Water Filtration

I decided to try filtered water for 2 reasons.


The old shower head used to get contaminated with something in the water after a long period


There is quite a lot of sediment on the new extremely clear toughened glass curved shower doors

Actually not too much, but noticeable, if we don't squeegee after every shower


Also, I do think the plain water, filtered, does in fact taste smoother.

It certainly makes the diluted A&B juice nicer.


It's not too expensive, I calculate we will use 1.5 litres every couple of days, with 130 refills before the £4.50 (60 day) cartridge needs replacing. (Specified change at 200 litres) equating to double the 60 days recommendation, as we are only using 1.5 litres of filtered water every couple of days.


ie 3.5p / day




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Re: Domestic Water Filtration

We also drink a lot of these, nice taste, and doesn't go manky overnight on bedside table


Used in cars, and bags on days out


Perfectly Clear Summer Fruits Still Water (Case of 24)
We buy 6x24 at a time.