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Dodgy Smoke Test by the Chancellor !

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Dodgy Smoke Test by the Chancellor !

The "autumn BUDGET" has revealed that this chancellor has delivered a dodgy smoke test to drivers...


He is so sneaky, it is worse than the VW scandal,....Shocked   Why? when he has frozen fuel duty for motorists for the 7th year running...  


Ah yes... nice fella !..Smiley


Sneaky bit, is ..... he has increased the Insurance Tax...Shocked. so that he will get the money back on the vehicle insurance... and... who is going to add that increase to your premiums? 

Smoke and mirrors ? ?     Sneaky basket.... Angry


Quote from the BBC NEWS Site



While motorists will benefit from the fuel duty freeze, the cost of vehicle insurance may rise as the Insurance Premium Tax will rise from 10% to 12% in June 2017.

That may also affect the price of home cover and other insurance products.

Insurance companies are furious, pointing out that this is the third rise in this tax in 18 months.

The AA said: "The chancellor has created the illusion of being the motorists' friend with a freeze on fuel duty whilst pickpocketing drivers on Insurance Premium Tax."





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Re: Dodgy Smoke Test by the Chancellor !

But he's finally done away with letting agency extortion!!! When we moved it cost us £pathetic in fees alone - and then the deposit and moving etc.


Personally I hope all the parasites in the lettings industry lose their jobs. I know its not a nice thing to say but they've been quite complacent in making life as hard as possible for people.

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Re: Dodgy Smoke Test by the Chancellor !

That was an utterly disgusting practice 7up and two of my three daughters got caught up in that scam (because that's what it was) when renting during and shortly after college. What with that and those deposit rip offs it's no wonder the kids start out bright eyed and end up confused and cynical. 

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