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Doctors Pensions

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Re: Doctors Pensions

Quote from: gleneagles
So by the time you have done your training you start with a fair amount of debt as a result of your course at university and it will be a number of years before you are in any position to get a mortgage and support a family, unless of course you have rich parents.

There was something about this on Channel4 news last night saying how over 90% of those in the legal profession and medical profession are from privileged backgrounds. Nothing changes despite all the governments promises to help those from disadvantaged backgrounds. They never helped me one little bit all they did was crucify me at every opportunity. Still, as long as the rich are making money and being helped, thats the main thing along with prisoners and benefits claimants  Roll eyes Those in jail get better care than the homeless and those of us who can't get benefits get no help at all with anything.
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