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Do you wish you hadn't done that?

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Do you wish you hadn't done that?

Do you you do something, knowing full well its the wrong thing to do, but do it anyway...

I was oven cooking some butcher supplied chicken breasts, these are not those miniature things you can get in supermarkets, these would make a small turkey look envious, one will easily feed two people. Coated in a beaten Knorr Chicken Stock Pot (never tried it, you should its delicious)

But I digress; the chicken in its foil tent was placed in the oven. At the end of the cooking time, I donned the oven glove and removed the baking tray from the oven.

I one artistic fluid motion, the tray was removed and the oven rack pushed back into the oven.

For an eternity, time seemed to stand still, I looked down at the un-gloved hand that had pushed in the oven rack, admiring the vivid red burn marks left by the very hot rack on the fingers. Then realisation of what I had done set in, Dropping the tray and cooked chicken, I fled for the nearest cold water tap, to run cold water over my throbbing fingers.  

The really sad thing is, I've done this before, and I will probably do it again...

Experience; is something you gain, just after you needed it most.

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Re: Do you wish you hadn't done that?


Some oven shelves can be pushed back in just by gently closing the door(s) if they haven't been pulled fully out.  I know that's possible with our old (probably 40+ years) gas oven,

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Re: Do you wish you hadn't done that?

Probably as often as I have wished some other father or mother hadn't done something.Roll eyesFunny

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Re: Do you wish you hadn't done that?

I did something similar yesterday. Got the tray out of the oven, placed it next to hob, realised 30 seconds later the tray was over hanging the ring I wanted and pushed it aside with my bear hand. Ran to the freezer got the bag of ice cubes out and held them against the burn for a couple of minutes. No sting, no mark, no blistering.

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Re: Do you wish you hadn't done that?

I wish I hadn't done that.....


Standing in front of fan assisted oven door after cooking whilst opening it !!

A blast of very hot air !


I've learnt to stand to one side whilst opening oven door, for a few seconds, especially in this HOT weather.


And, we use special oven gloves with fingers, so much safer.

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Re: Do you wish you hadn't done that?

@Infinity wrote:

I wish I hadn't done that.....

Standing in front of fan assisted oven door after cooking whilst opening it !!

I usually have my glasses on during cooking and when I open the oven door, my glasses instantly steam up and I can't see inside the oven or anything else for that matter.

I then have to wait a few second until they clear then open the oven while standing to one side to access the tray of food.


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