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Do you have music files on your PC?

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Do you have music files on your PC?

Then I wonder if I could interest you in the following. I am looking for helpers, contributors to assist with a project that I am currently planning. The project is a Music Media Service that in theory will allow you to listen to your music anywhere you have a browser and a LAN or WAN* connection.

I know some of you reading this will be saying "why re-invent the wheel" when there are other options available, well the answer to that is because I find the current offerings combined don't do everything I think they should.

There are two ways you can help; the first requires you to build all of the source code using a Linux machine and the second is to use pre-built binaries, if you don't want to or can't be bothered to build the source.

You will of course need a collection of music in one or any of these formats: MP3, Ogg, FLAC, WMA etc.

The code and pre-built binaries will be made available via a Private Git repository so you just click to download, and you are more than welcome to contribute to the project if you want to, be it, C++, CSS, HTML, Documentation etc.

OK, you've made it this far, so I guess you're intrigued or bored but either way this is how project will work. The whole Music Media Service is divided in to four main components:

    Indexing Server
    Streaming Server
    CGI Server
    Web Server

The Indexing Server runs as a daemon and is used to monitor the mount point(s) where the music files are stored, so it can keep track of updates, deletions and of course new files and generally maintain the Master Media Catalogue.

The Streaming Server (also a daemon) is used to deliver the music to the browser.

The CGI Server (yet another daemon), provides the glue to service as a whole, providing services that allow you to Find, View, Play, Update^ and de-duplicate your media via the Web UI.

The last item is the Web Server, in this instance its Apache, and it delivers the HTML 5 Web UI to the Browser and proxies the connections to the CGI and Streaming Server.

* WAN will only work if you enable the appropriate forwarding requirements on your router.
^ By update I mean add, remove album art, add or update a track's Metadata such as Genre, Year etc.

All that's left to say is if you'd like to get involved then please send me a PM. Or if you've any questions then either PM me or post them here.


@mods - I've put this in General Chat selfishly to get maximum exposure and cover a wider audience.


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Re: Do you have music files on your PC?

Google Drive


Good luck with your idea, I shall follow with interest.

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Re: Do you have music files on your PC?

Didn't Spotify get there first?

Even if you restrict listening to privately "owned" music how will the server be funded?

I say "owned" music because some digital music is just a licence to listen - or was obtained via unauthorised downloads.

I have 17GB of music on my hard drive - although it is rarely listened to. 😔

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Re: Do you have music files on your PC?

This isn't a replacement for Spotify @VileReynard its a way of managing your own media, with the ability to play it via a browser so I guess is aimed more at the 'Old School' users who have taken the time to rip their media to disk.

With your own collection, you say you rarely listen to, is this because you don't have the time or you can't be bothered to root around to find what you want to hear?

I have just under 90GB of music, which is the real motivation behind this project. So with the Media Server(s) in place I'll be able to search for anything containing the word 'hill' for example and from the returns I'll be able to listen to all of what's returned or just Fats Domino or Peter Gabriel or Kate Bush or even the Sugar Hill Gang.

I'll be able to play random tracks based on Artist, Year, Label, Genre with just a few clicks of a mouse. Or I can create any number of play lists that I can then retrieve from any location.

To me the secret to it all is the Media Catalogue, how it's built, maintained and searched, having spent many, many months (albeit part time) on this I have a format that I hope is a winner.

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Re: Do you have music files on your PC?

Sounds like you're pretty much describing Plex media server, which can handle TV, movies and music, which is a pretty decent bit of software which you can download for nowt (of course, online stuff costs money, but for a local server it's free to use)... 🙂

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Re: Do you have music files on your PC?

I have used Plex before as there's a module available for my NAS drive, but it wasn't for me, and unsubscribing from it was a nightmare. I know I'm reinventing the wheel but I'm confident it will be worth the effort, a wheel with less friction if you will. 😀

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Re: Do you have music files on your PC?

Having worked out how @Anonymous's mind ticks a while back with software i suspect many of you will not realise that he's smart enough to see missing features of other services and that he's miles ahead in what he's thinking about. Remember how yahoo was the email leader for years? Then gmail came along with smarter newer features...

You'll kick yourselves in years to come for not getting in and being part of it.

Sorry Mook but i can't really help, i'm not into linux much, haven't touched the first model B rpi in around 2 years lol (though do need to setup my website on that as i've still not got my mini-itx finished). I also don't have enough time realistically.. i've taken on too many other projects that are all struggling to make progress..

All i can say is good luck to you.

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Re: Do you have music files on your PC?

Thanks for that @7up 😃