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Do politicians tell the truth?

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Do politicians tell the truth?

Check out the news at ten tonight!.... See Gordon Brown squirm his way out of the results, by saying it was a disappointing night !  Understatement or what! ! .... Crazy
Then going on to say that his job is to "listen and lead"......    Shocked  well, he said that last year, when he became prime minister (incidentally the real meaning of those words..... first fool)....  Roll eyes 
He said that he (and his party) were going to "listen to what the people have to say, and take note, and then take action".... Roll eyes
When the people told him to reverse the 10p tax rate..... he listened, then ignored it.....  Shocked
Now he is saying that he will l"isten and lead" ..... looks to me like he will lead us up the garden path, so long as he gets his wages !.. Cheesy
No.... this is not a party political post, just some observations.... 
it makes me sick to see these, so called politicians, on TV with their "prepared" answers, and when the interviewer asks a slightly differently loaded question, they always repeat the last  "prepared" answer...  Lips are sealed
regardless of what the question was.....  Undecided
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Re: Do politicians tell the truth?

You don't really expect them to be able to answer a question "off the top of their head" do you?
They need their staff to write it for them having ascertained facts and ignoring them.  And no - that is not a comment on any particular party as I think they are all the same! Sad